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Back to animating

2015-10-03 21:11:29 by fallensoul289

It's been awhile since I've even touched flash but I still have all my old animations and stuff. I want to get back into designing and finishin my turret defence game I started 5 years ago. If anyone is interested and can use actionscript 3.0 and would be interested in working on it send me a message. I can do all the art and I'm willing to learn actionscript again.2122111_144392107952_flash_project.jpg

I'm back

2014-09-20 01:13:32 by fallensoul289

Hey everyone after a long time of never using newgrounds I'm back, and in the future I plan on animating again. For my old friends I'm in the army now as a 35G (geospatial intelligence imagery) was in school for 89D (EOD) but I got reclassed. I'm here in Arizona in the desert. 



2013-06-13 23:30:58 by fallensoul289



2013-05-10 02:52:18 by fallensoul289

Something interesting here


2011-11-05 23:49:30 by fallensoul289

Whats been going on newgrounds?

Updates and Whatnot

2010-02-18 21:36:04 by fallensoul289

For anyone who still even reads my news, there are many updates to discuss. Recently I tried to release a small madness mod I made back in the day and that I "spruced" up but apparently is was flagged as stolen. Anyways, as for my games I was slowly making, I have been rather lazy lately in finishing them but they will get done someday. I most likely will start submitting stuff to newgrounds a lot more often after I join the air force this summer and go to college for animation and whatnot. I have not been very active lately but I am so busy finishing up school I don't have the time. That's it for now when I finish school I will most likely be more active for about a year, but once I join the air force I won't be on for at least a year or more depending on if I am going to go to college while I am doing my AT (Advanced training). If anyone want's involved with my game go ahead and feel free to ask as I don't really progress with it these days.

It's a new year

2010-01-12 12:03:24 by fallensoul289

I know I am late on posting this but I have been busy lately. For those wondering why I have not released my game yet, the answer is I stopped working on it and I have a bunch of unfinished projects. I will get to them soon but for now I will be learning online game design using flash. It's a 9 week course so expect to see some new submissions from working in this course. Anyways here is a motivational picture.

It's a new year


2009-12-11 13:41:15 by fallensoul289

These things are real fun and recently I have won something to give away. I have won that south park "become a citizen" contest and have won a special unlock code for professor chaos in South Park, Let's Go Tower Defense Play! game for the xbox live arcade. To win there are two ways, one send me a message on xbox live (Fallensoul289), or leave a comment on here. The contest will end in a week maybe later depending on how many comments I have in a week. You can't get this ingame item anywhere else unless you win the contest. You have to have the south park tower defense game though.

Making a new game

2009-10-19 10:27:07 by fallensoul289

Alright, so I know how I haven't made a flash or a game in awhile and thanks to Conjones893, now I can really do advanced coding. It's a turret defense game and is still in it's early stages. Should be out in a month or later.

Edit: The game is comming along well and one of my buddy's DumbassDude wants to do some art for the game. If all goes well expect a release in early december possibly late November.

Edit2: So far the first wave is done and progress is going well. If anyone want's to see it so far go here. The art is simplistic because it's easy to code with basic shapes. The art will be added at the end so don't say it sucks cause it's squares. I am hoping to get all the waves and the endless wave mode done in 2 weeks.

Here is a neat idea.

2009-10-13 08:37:09 by fallensoul289

I have an idea, to pass the time and get rid of boredom, people can comment on my userpage and ask me to draw a gun for them. It can be anything that I haven't drawn yet. So get commenting.